Maestro Classes

clinics-by-maestroAlexander Platt, Music Director of the Wisconsin Philharmonic, offers clinics to high school orchestras by guest conducting in the classroom. Students have the opportunity to receive knowledge about musical terminology, phrasing and different interpretations of composers’ works to bring notes on the page to life. Young musicians may ask the Maestro questions and gain insight into basic conducting principles. Receiving feedback from a professional conductor of a major symphony inspires students to be more fully appreciative and perform quality music. The Maestro Classes occur in the school classroom during the orchestra’s regular rehearsal time and are free of charge.
Choose one of the following Maestro Classes:
  • Orchestra Clinic: Maestro Alexander Platt will work with one of your orchestras on their current repertoire during your orchestra’s scheduled rehearsal time. Clinic to also feature a behind the scenes look at an upcoming Wisconsin Philharmonic performance and a question and answer session.
  • Solo Master Class: Maestro Alexander Platt and a Wisconsin Philharmonic musician will give a Solo Master Class that will feature 4-5 student soloists. The Solo Master Class will also allow for a question and answer session. The Master Class can be done either during your orchestra’s rehearsal time or as an extended class period (in school field trip). Teachers will be asked to submit the names of the students performing and their solo of choice two weeks before the agreed Solo Master Class date. Complete the Maestro Classes Request Form to inquire about the Maestro’s availability or call 262-547-1858.

“I always love to visit our many high school orchestras throughout Waukesha County. These young musicians, all at the very beginning of their lives enjoying music, are truly the performers and the audiences of tomorrow. Doing what I can to explain to them and to share my enthusiasm for the world of music is me just playing my part in an unbroken chain that goes back generations.” ~ Maestro Alexander Platt

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