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Shining Stars Competition

Shining Stars Competition

Shining Stars Program: The name “Shining Stars” refers to students in our community who have exceptional musical talent. The Wisconsin Philharmonic offers scholarships to middle and high school students who reside in Waukesha County. Auditions are held annually in the Spring. Scholarship winners are required to perform in the Shining Stars Recital also held in the Spring where students perform for an admiring audience and are awarded their scholarship funds.

Guidelines: Please see Shining Star Guidelines for complete details. Shining Stars Audition Guidelines 2018

Shining Stars Scholarship Auditions: Please see Education Events for this year’s date & location of Shining Stars auditions. Education Events page

Eligibility: Auditions are open to middle and high school music students who are residents of Waukesha County that have mastered a string, wind, brass, or percussion instrument. Pianists are not eligible for Shining Stars auditions, but are encouraged to apply for the Chapman Memorial Piano Competition. Chapman Memorial Piano Competition 2019

Repertoire: Participants are required to perform one piece or movement with contrasting sections. All high school auditions must be performed with piano accompaniment if the music has a written accompaniment. Although highly encouraged, the use of accompaniment is optional for middle school students. Auditions are six minutes in length, and the judges reserve the right to stop an audition due to time constraints. Any cuts made in the music must be clearly marked in the judges copies. Three judges copies are required. Copies of music are accepted.


  • Shining Stars Scholarships: Up to eight $250 scholarships will be awarded to middle and high school students.
  • Anthony W. Bryant Scholarship: One $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior committed to continuing education with a declared music major.


An official Shining Star Application Form must be submitted to the Wisconsin Philharmonic. Application Forms are due February 20 and must have the required application fee of $15 payable to the Wisconsin Philharmonic enclosed. Shining Stars Scholarship Application Form 2018

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

Bryant Scholarship Winner, Daniella Brusubardis with Andrea Bryant

Anthony W. Bryant Scholarship
Daniella Brusubardis of Dousman, Violin ($1,500)
Grade 12 Home Schooled

Dorothy Goff Frisch Scholarships (2)
Alanna Szczech of Wales, Violin ($250)
Grade 10 of KM Perform, School for Arts & PerformanceSarah May of Sussex, Violin ($250)
Grade 11 at Lake Country Lutheran High School

Anita Ransome-Kuchler Scholarships (2)
Alex Mortensen of Oconomowoc, Oboe ($250)
Grade 10 at Oconomowoc High School

Andrea Martin of Pewaukee, Flute ($250)
Grade 12 at Pewaukee High School

Wisconsin Philharmonic Scholarships (5)
Simon Field of Oconomowoc, Horn ($250)
Grade 9 at Oconomowoc High School

Arisha Sobhani of Brookfield, Violin ($250)
Grade 6 at Wisconsin Hills Middle School

Sarah Albers of Waukesha, Cello ($250)
Grade 7 at Butler Middle School 

Simeon Shoultz of Menomonee Falls, Violin ($250)
Grade 7 at Falls Baptist Academy
Cecilia Koth of Brookfield, Violin ($250)
Grade 6 at St. Dominic Elementary School